Board of Directors

Dr T.A. Sundar Menon

He is a versatile NRI Businessman hailing from Kerala, India. He is the chairman of The Sun Group International. He is also widely known as an ardent philanthropist. Ever since childhood, he keenly observed and imbibed his parents’ avid spirit of service to their community members. As he grew up, this influence led him to an insightful conclusion that there is no question of a successful life being led without rendering favourable service to one’s fellow human beings.
He founded the Sun Group International and steered it through a mercurial strategy to the transnational status it holds today with diverse ventures in U.A.E, Qatar, India and Panama.
He is been a part of Heewan Finance Ltd. as its chairman.


The strategic experience he gained and the trustworthiness he acquired as an ex. BSNL employee would certainly add value to the company especially when he takes the role of vice chairman in Heewan Finance Ltd. He had been active in the social sectors since he was a student and was responsible for monitoring various operations on behalf of BSNL. In addition to his present responsibility in the company, he is also responsible for giving his expertise in the form of advice to one of the leading IT companies.

Biju Manikandan

Hard Work and persistent follow-up of his various activities helped him emerge as one of the prominent personalities in the financial sector, especially in the field of chit funds. Currently, he holds the position of Executive director of Heewan Finance Ltd. A young man cum visionary is what makes him who he really is.

Syam Kumar

He is the acting managing partner of “Systems Duty Paid Shop” which is one of the popular enterprises in Thrissur known for bringing quality electronic home appliances right next to the customer. In addition to managing various merchandising enterprises, he also holds the position of executive director of Heewan Finance Ltd.

Greeshma BijuGreeshma Biju

Apart from her valuable work experience in various organisations that are into spreading awareness among the various groups of women who are spread across the family, service and partnership boundaries. Her awareness of the microfinancing sector is worth appreciating. Enabling microfinancing to work work with the help of women’s fellowships is just one vision of Heewan Finance Ltd on its list. Her service would certainly add value to the company, especially in this area. She is been served as the director of Heewan Finance Ltd.

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